December 15, 2020

WAY Staging Two-Week Open House Event

By: James Carey

Although the coronavirus has caused the cancellation of several RV industry events this year and forced others – from national conventions to OEM dealer meetings – into the realm of virtual reality, WAY has managed to adhere to CDC safety recommendations while staging its sixth annual Open House at the company’s headquarters.

“We will be running our meetings every day for two weeks, with appointments scheduled every hour,” Way’s open houseWAY CEO Wayne Kaylor said of the annual event, running from Dec. 7-Dec. 18. “We’ll get essentially every RV group in here, one-on-one, and will show them our new products, as well as existing products and get their feedback. It’s really a good time of year, heading into spring for their model-year change, for us to work with them on development of new products as well as receiving commitments for our existing and new technology.”

By scheduling separate appointments, the event limits the number of visitors in WAY’s new 3,000-square-foot showroom, giving Kaylor and his staff the opportunity to meet with clients while practicing social distancing in a quieter environment.

WAY, which recently underwent a rebranding effort – including shortening its name from WAY Interglobal Network and adding Haven and Elite brands to its proprietary Greystone, Everchill and Drive nameplates – is introducing a number of new products during the two-week event, including the company’s first RV air conditioner.

The new AC unit has been in development for 18 months, said Kaylor, and features upgraded internal components as well as a Panasonic compressor. “It’s quieter and more efficient” than other brands on the market, he added.

Marketed under the Everchill imprint, the AC unit will initially be available in 13,500- and 15,000-BTU versions, although Kaylor said the company is working on a larger unit capable of cooling an entire coach.

“It will operate through a ducted system, but not ducted as today and historically as the industry has done it,” he said.

Among the other new products on display:

A new 24-inch-wide range designed to fit within the size parameters of a typical drop-in stovetop, while offering more features and a residential appearance.

Way microwaveA four-in-one microwave with a pull-out drawer instead of a typical door. Designed to be installed in lower cabinets for ease of use, the unit functions as a traditional microwave, convection microwave, roaster broiler and air fryer.

Visitors to the expansive facility also may be seeing for the first time products WAY launched earlier this year, including a line of outdoor griddles soon to expand to six sizes, and the company’s largest 12-volt-powered refrigerator, a 17-cubic-foot model with French doors.

Way refrigerator
Way CEO Wayne Kaylor next to the companyn’s new Everchill 12-volt refrigerator
“Our 12-volt Everchill refrigeration line has been our anchor product line for us and for the industry transitioning out of LP units,” said Kaylor. “Our 17-cubic-foot model provides the biggest footprint you can have for 12-volt refrigerator — and can be run on battery only with no inverter. It cools faster, believe it or not, than a traditional residential 110-volt refrigerator by over half.”

The new refrigerator requires just 7 amps on startup, said Kaylor, and uses just one amp during operation. He also noted that during testing – which the company documented in a time-lapse video – the residential-size refrigerator ran for more than 40 hours on a single 27-series battery.

And, Kaylor noted, “in 45 minutes, it’s making ice.”