The Next Sparc Team

We are always in your corner. Our team of business builders approach every opportunity as operators first, and as investors second.

We help ambitious founders ignite the sparc that takes their businesses to the next stage of growth.

Core Values

The foundation we stand on

Put people first

Scaling and growing a business isn’t always easy—in fact, it almost never is. By investing in people first, we’re able to do our best work and build companies with enduring value. People are our most valued asset.

Champion progress

We know firsthand that progress is rarely linear. There are twists, turns, and challenges at every corner. We champion the progress we make along the way, never losing sight of what we’re working towards and why we’re doing it in the first place.

Embrace a growth mindset

We’re lifelong learners who believe our intelligence, skills, and talent aren’t fixed traits. We’re interested in solving problems of all shapes and sizes, helping to grow not only the companies we partner with, but ourselves, too.

Have fun

Whether it’s in or out of the office, we’re always up for an adventure. We’re equally passionate about the companies we help build and in finding common ground outside of the office.

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