September 22, 2020

Supplier Way Interglobal Rebranding for Future Growth

By: James Carey

Elkhart, Ind.-based Way Interglobal Network has upgraded its look with new product branding as it continues its expansion in the RV appliance and accessories market into Q4 of 2020. A recognized name in the RV industry for over a decade, the overhaul of the company’s look and logo is centered around the branding promise: ​“Take Your Home on the Road​.”

“As Way has evolved over the past decade, we needed to refresh our look to catch up to where we are today and serve as the platform for our growth moving forward,” Way CEO Wayne Kaylor told RVBusiness. “We’re excited about the possibilities our new logos and brand platform it will provide for us in the future.

That growth has been significant according to Kaylor. “The last couple of years have been 30-to-40% growth,” he shared. “Our growth year-over-year this year is double plus. So we’ve seen some tremendous success and continue to see it. Obviously our new product introductions and innovations are driving this growth. I think from aftermarket to OEM support we have done a really good job in getting our products out there during this COVID transition which is perpetuating some of the recent growth.”“I think the new branding, logos and products are just a part of our ongoing improvements with Way,” he continued. “We are excited about the growth that we have undertaken in the last 10-plus years. And I think some of the technology we have introduced has been fully accepted into the market. We want to share our vision and who we are with some of these changes.”

Kaylor explained that the company’s growth is a “total team effort” with sales and customer support playing an integral role. “From top to bottom we’ve done this very well,” he said. “From engineering, to sales to delivery of the final product, and customer service after the sale, it has been a team effort.”

He said Way’s market share has increased as well. “We have substantially increased our market share and our employee base as well with more hires in the service department, and implementing an exclusive aftermarket staff to meet the demands of the growth.”

Vouching for his relationship with Way was Curtis Gunter, Divisional general manager at Forest River Inc., who said, “Way has been a great partner for years. We’re excited about their new look and website. It further cements our confidence in them as a leader in the industry.”

According to a media release, Way has maintained deep and valuable relationships with companies such as Hisense, LG, Naxa, Merlin and others to bring new products to the RV industry for years. Beyond these partnerships, Way has been synonymous with innovation through exclusive product brands, each of which now have a refreshed look.

The five branding elements now being introduced are a combination of well-known and new brands. The Everchill brand by Way was integral in introducing 12-Volt refrigerators to the RV industry. Its Greystone mark is a leader in cooking appliances and fireplaces. The company’s Drive brand is committed to offering a variety of electronics for RV travel.

“We are excited today to introduce a new brand called ​Haven a​nd to reintroduce an older brand ​Elite,” said Kaylor. “Haven is the new home for RV furnishings and fixtures that helped bring comfort and style to each vehicle. Elite provides the essentials to keep your vehicle and your adventures on the road. These five brands represent the best products in the RV industry today and will continue to lead in their categories for the future. Way will continue to be a leading supplier of RV appliances, electronics, furnishings and more for the original equipment and aftermarket.”

On the product introduction side of its business equation, Way is introducing a new Everchill 17 cubic-foot, 12-Volt refrigerator. A new Greystone 24-inch range and combo grill/griddle is currently on the market. The Drive brand of electronics is introducing a new portable Bluetooth speaker. The company stated the introduction of the Haven brand of RV furnishings in ceiling fans, and kitchen and bath and shade, and other accessories, continues its product expansion and provide an infrastructure for growth over its next 10 years. The new Elite brand is dedicated to keeping things going smoothly on the road with components on the coach in the undercarriage such as tire carriers, jacks and insulation products.