Company Overview

  • Way Interglobal Network, LLC specializes in sourcing building materials, products, electronics and appliances for the Recreational Vehicle Industry, but we do so much more.
  • We work closely with clients in product development and marketing to help maximize the efficiency of our factory-direct sourcing, and currently manage such programs for many well-known US firms.
  • Unlike many companies involved in China product sourcing, Way does not operate simply as a trading company in a buy-sell arrangement as a middleman between Asian factories and customers wishing to import.
  • With project sourcing, we work closely with our clients to assist them in developing their product and marketing programs to take advantage of the efficiencies that factory-direct sourcing can provide.
  • Our buying office service provides clients a local presence to handle their purchasing requirements in China.
  • We currently manage programs for well-known distributors, builders, developers and OEM manufacturers within the United States.