Company Overview:

  • ApplyBoard uses proprietary technology to match prospective international students with universities throughout North America.  University enrolment in North America has been declining for several years and ApplyBoard provides a channel for universities to fill classroom seats with (typically) students who pay full tuition.
  • Applyboard has relationships with over 250 universities that have provided specific hurdles to ApplyBoard that, if met by prospective students, will grant admission to the university.
  • Students from anywhere in the world can easily find and apply to the best programs based on their academic background, desired course of study and financial situation.  ApplyBoard streamlines the application process, reducing the applicant’s time searching and applying to schools by more than 90%.
  • Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada.

Value Creation:

  • Next Sparc had a board seat until after Series B financing.
  • Provided cash management guidance
  • Developed financial and operational reporting