May 31, 2023

Next Sparc Growth Partners Launches Elevated Website

By: James Carey

Next Sparc Growth Partners, a founder-friendly, professional family office investing in emerging companies in the active lifestyle, health & wellness, technology, and business services industries, today announced the launch of its updated website. The new website has been designed to offer a user-friendly experience with improved navigation, functionality, and expanded content showcasing its portfolio companies and the firm’s approach to partnering with high-growth organizations.

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users navigate the site and find valuable information about Next Sparc, its portfolio companies, and its target industries quickly and easily.

New features include:

  • An elevated, impactful brand design that captures the people-first culture of Next Sparc.
  • Enhanced website structure and navigation that provides quick access to content to learn more.
  • Robust content library to provide website visitors with actionable industry insights, news, and thought leadership resources.
  • Contact details and requests for information are now easily found on the Referral Page streamlining the contact and referral process.
  • Device-responsive functionality allows the new site and all media assets to be compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
  • A robust information hub for ambitious business owners and founders as they consider a partner to accelerate, grow, and expand their own business operations.

“Visitors to the new site can stay informed with the latest Next Sparc industry news through our new online blog, ‘Sparc Thoughts,'” says James Carey, Partner and Head of Business Development at Next Sparc. “The blog contains rich content such as industry insights, press releases, featured events, and newsletters. This valuable content will also be highlighted in the Featured Content section on the home page, so the user is always just one click away from useful and pertinent information.”

The website was designed and built by Durkan Group, a digital-first design and development agency based outside of Philadelphia, PA.

“We’re excited for Next Sparc’s new website to be embraced by growing founder-led and family-owned businesses,” says Niall Durkan, President & Founder of Durkan Group. “The experience at large is robust, but easy to digest, and works to better reflect Next Sparc’s unique operator focus and personalized approach.”

To access the new website or for more information on Next Sparc Growth Partners, visit

About Next Sparc

Next Sparc is a Cleveland-based, professional family office that makes direct investments in rapidly growing founder-led and family-owned businesses. We leverage our entrepreneurial experience, operational expertise, insights from 100+ transactions since 2009, and a repeatable playbook to grow and scale companies. We accelerate growth by leveraging our deep operational experience, patient capital, and extensive resources. Next Sparc serves as a value-added partner to our businesses and seeks entrepreneurs who desire to build a scalable business and accelerate growth. Learn more at

About Durkan Group

Durkan Group is a digital-first design and development agency that specializes in creating purpose-built experiences. Our team of digital strategists, UI/UX designers, and full stack web developers work closely to build high-end digital experiences for niche industries across private equity, venture capital, higher education, science and technology, and others. For more information, visit