June 18, 2024

James Carey Discusses How Family Offices Make Strategic Acquisitions with Jon Stoddard

By: Charles Armstrong

The Advantages of Professional Family Offices

In a candid conversation with Jon Stoddard on the Top M&A Entrepreneur’s Podcast, Partner James Carey shares the nuanced differences between private equity firms and professional family offices, delving deep into Next Sparc’s unique, operator-first approach, unmatched flexibility, and personal touch.

James also shares the secrets of deal sourcing and evaluation, walking listeners through our proactive approach. You’ll hear captivating stories of red flags and triumphs, from minority investments that exploded into rapid growth to strategic exits that define success. James also shares the critical role of industry experts and operating executives in the growth trajectory of businesses.


Topics Discussed

  • James Carey’s Journey Into the M&A World (00:00)
  • The Difference Between Private Equity and Family Office (6:37)
  • The Value of Relationships in Deal Sourcing (10:06)
  • Deal Sourcing and Evaluation (23:03)
  • The Importance of Boring Businesses (24:41)
  • Light Data Requests in Due Diligence (27:17)
  • Counters and Back-and-Forth in Deal Negotiation (28:40)
  • Red Flags in Deal Evaluation (33:14)
  • Successful Deals and Quick Exits (37:35)
  • Involvement of Industry Experts and Operating Executives (42:28)